You Share.
We Connect.
Be Heard.

Heard is a social exchange that matches user content
to the perfect audience, whether it’s 1 or 1 million.

Tune In
Check out posts, polls, predictions and questions from other users. Interact as much or as little as you want. For a personalized stream, create an account and sign in.
Get Badged
Make effortless decisions on who to trust. Heard’s badges are based on securely verified facts about users like where they work, industry expertise or association memberships.
Be Heard
Join the conversation by creating a post. Heard automatically connects your content to the right audience, and tracks user reaction with in-depth stats.

Inspired by the
art of conversation.

A dynamic, free-flowing social exchange.

At a party, crowds gather around people who have thought-provoking ideas or a reputation for entertaining stories. These crowds are continuously being formed and dispersed based on who is talking, what is being said and what partygoers are interested in. Heard works the same way; enabling content to find audiences that care, and creators to achieve distribution that matters.

Users don't have to worry about searching, following or friending others to find the content they care about. Heard's matching and reputation engines continuously populate a personalized stream of highly relevant and potentially interesting content.

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Transforming the online content sharing model.